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Illegal Victims Of Human Trafficking Essays

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The United States is home to international victims of human trafficking from all over the world. These individuals, mostly women and children, leave their native countries with promise of safety, refuge, and work but in turn, are unwillingly made prostitutes or forced into different types of labor. The individuals that are saved, or the ones who escape this imprisonment, want nothing more than to have the new safe start in life in the land of opportunity that they were promised. Instead, they are threatened to be deported back to their home countries only to be persecuted against and live their lives in fear. This is why the United States government needs to grant illegal survivors of human trafficking whom are seeking asylum, the right to receive it.
Due to the undercover nature and the difficulty to get exact data for this reason, it is hard for any world agency to give precise information of the amount of victims of trafficking. However, the UN Office of Drugs and Crime ( assesses that there is a minimum amount of 2.5 million human trafficking victims across the world, with 98% of those individuals being women and children for sexual exploitation ( The profits that come from human trafficking, the ILO estimates, is $32 billion dollars each year. These are staggering numbers which go to show there needs to be more light brought to this issue.
The government has taken strides to fight this modern day slavery and provide assistance to the victims. Currently, the US has a law that gives the illegal victim immigration relief temporarily...

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...gnizes some survivors as qualified candidates to become refugees. The necessary qualifications for eligibility to be defined as a refugee are that the individual needs to be out of their homeland country that their nationality is and does not want to return there due to fear of persecution. The fear of persecution is based on five reasons: race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular group, or political opinion” (

The US needs to recognize these survivors and adhere to its commitment of international human rights. Trafficked individuals deserve the protection and safety that having asylum grants them. Those who are trafficked prove they are eligible for asylum because they represent being a part of a particular social group that will be persecuted back in their native land as shielded in the refugee definition.

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