Illegal Trafficking And Prostitution Is A Flawed System Essay

Illegal Trafficking And Prostitution Is A Flawed System Essay

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Rich in ancient ruins, beautiful coastlines and agreeable temperatures, Cambodia’s abhorrent garment factories as well as its illegitimate sex-for-sale network present a stark contrast to what is generally discovered when researching what the country has to offer. A garment worker’s career is far from glamorous, and due to factors, such as pay and working conditions, many seamstresses would rather be selling their bodies out on busy streets to survive and support their families. Prostitution runs rampant in the cities, while Cambodia’s programs to end it are what is sending scores of women back onto the streets. Cambodia’s solution to sex trafficking and prostitution is a flawed system.
To begin with, Suroosh Alvi, founder of VICE News, reports the sex industry in Cambodia is thriving with the claim that some estimated tens of thousands of girls, many underage, are working as prostitutes to make a living. As reported by Alvi of VICE, there is a sort of hierarchy to the sex-for-sale system. There are the more affordable alternatives such as the street walkers, who sell oral sex for as little as six dollars; furthermore, there are the more expensive girls at the bars who buy clients drinks, negotiate a price, and then take them home. In between those two extremes, there are brothels that offer services for more inflated prices than what the street girls are offering, and massage parlors that offer what girls from the bars offer, but for a little less. In recent years, Cambodia has become one of the world’s capitals for sex tourism. It’s cheap and available prostitutes attract men from all over the world. (Suroosh Alvi, VICE News).
Furthermore, Cambodia’s rise in popularity among unscrupulous visitors attracted the attention of the ...

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...f back out on the streets at night, moonlighting as a prostitute for as little as eight dollars a customer.
Cambodia’s crack down on sex workers started when the United States began pressuring the nation due to a fear that many of the prostitutes working in Cambodia were products of human trafficking. Studies have found that most rescued prostitutes were never victims of human trafficking at all. In addition, most rescued sex workers claim that they never wanted to be rescued from their lives. They understood that the working conditions and payment that they had were comparably far better than the women who worked in garment factories. As a matter of fact, some garment workers have abandoned their posts at the factories to make a better wage as prostitutes to support their children. Cambodia’s solution to sex trafficking and prostitution is a flawed and ineffective.

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