Essay about Illegal Immigration On The Us Mexico Border

Essay about Illegal Immigration On The Us Mexico Border

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Illegal Immigration on the US-Mexico Border
“They’re bringing drugs, crime and rapists” says presidential candidate Donald Trump on the topic of illegal Mexican immigration. Illegal immigration has been a pressing issues facing the United States since the mid 19th century. Every year, thousands of Mexican residents attempt to enter America in hopes of getting a job or better place to live. The question as to why the numbers of illegal immigrants have been growing exponentially can be answered with a simple explanation: a financially struggling and hostile Mexico that has been forced to turn to corporations and the United States for help, which comes with a cost. So, why don’t these people immigrate to the United States legally? Because they can’t afford to wait that long. Thousands of other suffering Mexican migrants have thought of the same idea, and therefore, thousands of applications are submitted. The United States’ leaders and future leaders, Mexico, and other Central American countries have all tried to devise solutions to this growing problem, some being peaceful, some not, and not preventing those at the border from sometimes taking matters into their own hands. Due to a struggling Mexico and the difficulty to become a legal citizen, the numbers of illegal immigrants have grown, causing the United States, Mexico and other Central American nations to turn to both tranquil and aggressive solutions.
Corporations are beginning to run Mexico, buying acres of land that originally belonged to citizens. This, combined with a failing Mexican economy has left thousands without homes and jobs. Fortunately, the United States economy needs workers and shares a border with Mexico, being of much convenience to them.
However, the United...

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...n advantage of the struggling Mexican system. Nonetheless, not only is the US the closest border, but they need workers to better their economy as well. Migrants would like to enter the United States legally but it would be too costly for them to wait for sometimes years to hear whether or not they can. It is also a less hostile environment for children to live in. Unfortunately, the numbers of people applying is getting too large, causing America to take sometimes drastic measures in order to prevent legal United States citizens from losing their homes and jobs to illegals. People like Donald Trump prefer the more drastic measures, while David Inserra does not think that enforcing the United State’s power is the fair option. Either way, this does not disprove the reality that those controlling the border also feel that the extreme option is the most effective option.

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