Illegal Immigration Is A Federal Issue On The United States Essay

Illegal Immigration Is A Federal Issue On The United States Essay

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Illegal immigration still persists as a federal issue on the Mexico-U.S. border in our nation. A statistic explains, “There were 11.3 million unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. in 2014” (Krogstad and Passel par. 1). The impact of having illegal immigrants in our nation puts the U.S. in a critical circumstance. Illegal immigration has affected the U.S. as far back as three decades, and many illegal immigrants successfully continue to cross the Mexico-U.S. border to seize occupations that are proposed for U.S. citizens. An author states, “The United States approved the Immigration Reform and Control Act in 1986, which permitted the government to penalize American companies that employed illegal immigrants” (Nadadur 1040). As businesses extended their output, an interest for unskilled labor kept on pulling in illegal immigrants. The failure of the IRCA leads into the current debates for disciplining immigrants that enter the U.S. illegally; there is a great deal of justification in support of claims for immigration reform.
A complainant against illegal immigration is Arizona. An author explains, “Between 2004 and June, 2005, the Arizona legislature sponsored 20 anti-immigrant bills. More were to be introduced in the following years” (Wilson 714). On the Mexican border, Arizona has an intense illegal immigration issue; Arizona has a decent case for its intense new law that went for contracting the quantity of illegal immigrants in the state. Arizona argues that action was taken due to the fact that Washington has not handled the illegal immigration problem genuinely. I accept the strength of the argument is that the Arizona law permits police to stop and check the immigration status of individuals who display a sensible suspicion of...

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... the equivalent protection of the laws. A future president may offer to order through federal enactment to change the nation 's immigration laws. In my opinion, the issue of illegal immigration will continue to remain relevant in the future until proper immigration reform is established. The governments could have handled the issue of illegal immigration more effectively by discussing solutions to their problem instead of immediately going to the Supreme Court. Illegal immigration still holds on as a federal government issue on the Mexico-U.S. border in our nation. The effect of having illegal immigrants in our nation puts the U.S. in a serious situation. Illegal immigration has influenced the U.S. as far back as three decades, and numerous illegal immigrants effectively keep on crossing the Mexico-U.S. border to occupy occupations that are offered for U.S. citizens.

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