Illegal Immigration and Slavery Essay

Illegal Immigration and Slavery Essay

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Illegal Immigration

Is slavery going to be a key factor behind the sustainability of America’s success in the global market in 21st century ? Currently there are about 20 million illegal immigrants, serving nearly 5 to 6 million jobs across the country, to provide cheaper goods and services. Over a period of time, majority of the low skilled jobs are taken over by these illegal immigrants, causing a considerable harm on country’s social and economic growth. Thus illegal immigration should be stopped to prevent sinful act of slavery, to protect healthy living standards and to support government in creating a prosperous nation for the future generations.

Knowingly or unknowingly we are being a part of a very unethical social framework where slavery still exist. In spite of taking a strong course of action against this immoral act we are ignoring it. Few decades ago, people were imported from African countries as slaves to serve their American counter part. Although, with passing time slavery is not reducing but is getting worse. At-least existence of those African slaves was documented and social status was known. Thus corrective steps were taken to improve their situation by providing them with education and giving them additional opportunities to outshine, whereas in current scenario the imaginary void of those missing slaves is getting refilled by the presence of illegal immigrants, who got exploited due to their illegal status. How can we forget the case of meatpacking plant in Postville, Iowa, where huge amount of illegal immigrants caught during a raid and case was under limelight because of the inhuman working conditions. Those workers were mainly ...

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...cases is to earn money to support their families back in their countries. There is a documentary movie named “The other side of immigration” that captures in-depth study of causes that leads to Mexican emigration. One should not forget that it is very difficult to work in this severe conditions without a family support. Illegal immigrants, who cannot withstand this exploitation either end up being criminals or leads to their own death.

We cannot enjoy cheaper goods and services at the cost of inhumanity against innocent people by taking advantage of their needs. Either society have to made itself ready to confront the after effects of legalizing currently illegal immigrants both socially and economically or has to strongly support all the actions taken to stop migration of illegal immigrants into the country their by focusing on the welfare to their own people.

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