Illegal Immigration : A Matter Of Public Policy Essay

Illegal Immigration : A Matter Of Public Policy Essay

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As a matter of public policy, should an employee be required to reinstate an unlawfully terminated employee even when that person is an illegal alien? Explain your reasoning.

 Immigration is the action of individuals relocating to permanently live in a country, for ample reasons (Walsh, 2013). When an individual or a family decides to relocate to the United States, there is a well-defined filing process and interview system in place for the obtaining approval to enter the country. Due to the long process and other reasons immigration is often represent, individuals who are legal as well as illegally in the United States. Illegal immigration is when an individual or family enters into the country without following proper procedures and obtaining proper documentation. There are several factors to how a person can become an illegal alien, one as previously mentioned is failing to obtain proper documents, the second is failing to exit the country when documentation such as a VISA, expires, as well as others (). Immigrates often come to the United States seeking escape, housing, employment, education and other opportunities. Laws are ever evolving to aid local, state and federal governments in making just decision around what rights do illegal immigrations have, if any, particular once he or she becomes a member of the workforce. States have often taken a different approach in handling claims filed by illegal immigrates, which is often rare due to the fear of losing job, retaliation, or being deported (). Often the question comes down to whether the employer failed to follow the proper procedure to ensure the employee had legal rights to work in the United States, or did the employer unknowing or knowingly employ the illegal i...

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...ployers raise questions as to whether or not the organization knowingly employed undocumented workers. According to the Immigration & Reform Control Act of 1986 and the Legal Arizona Workers Act, if the organization willingly employed undocumented workers could face penalties, fines, and possible revoke or suspension of business operating license (). In the state of Arizona according to the LAWA, employers are required to use the E-Verify system to confirm work eligibility of any new hires (). Nevertheless, undocumented workers are protected under the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), to a certain extinct, undocumented worker, not including reinstatement and entitlement to back-pay, if wrongfully terminated (). Undocumented worker can file a claim without fear of his or her employment status being the target concern, unless later compliance laws are enforced.

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