Illegal Immigrants Threaten the American Economy Essay

Illegal Immigrants Threaten the American Economy Essay

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The subject of illegal migration into the United States is a very controversial and challenging issue; but overall America’s systematic approach for regulating illegal immigrants entering our country has failed. It pertains to millions of individuals and families journeying to the bulls-eye country of America without proper documentation; but it also consists of people entering the country legally, but they violate the terms of their approved visas and passports by permanently residing here, rather than the allotted time frame they’re given. Amazing enough, The Federation For American Immigration Reform or better known as FAIR, estimated that in 2007, “the illegal immigrant population seated well above 13 million people.” Also considering this massive number grows roughly by “as many as 500,000 people every year,” across the United States; therefore a more efficient way of controlling our population needs to be effectively put into action. But why would these aliens risk so much to inhabit and live in the United States? It doesn’t involve too much cognitive ability to understand that under the unsatisfactory circumstances of poverty, economic deficiencies, and high unemployment rates, many will do whatever it takes to pursue the American Dream. Despite the dangers and risks that could potentially arise from crossing the border, to these illegals, the benefits of successfully migrating outweigh the costs.
An interesting law has passed merely a few weeks ago within the state of Arizona. With our government cracking down on the illegal flow by increasing more stadium lights, fences, and man power throughout Southern California, and Texas, it has “forced a shift in the flow of illegal immigrants that ...

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...ection rates than that of the United States. To make matters worse, an emergence of a Multi-Drug-Resistant strain of Tuberculosis formed three years ago (MDR-TB) and can leave a patient with over a million dollars in medical fee’s, while only a fity percent of patients going under specified treatment survive. It’s rather unfortunate, but America cannot withstand the burden of financial bills for treating the world’s diseased, ill, sick, and infected population. The government should make protecting its citizens from the catastrophic diseases brought in from illegal immigrants around the globe. How many more school children will have to be infected from catching TB before something is done? What’s the purpose of screening legal aliens for diseases that are contagious if the illegals can roam our country and infect our fellow citizens?

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