Illegal Immigrants And The Immigration System Essay

Illegal Immigrants And The Immigration System Essay

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When classifying illegal immigrants, they can be divided into two categories: one that enters the country by dangerously crossing the border and another that becomes unauthorized aliens by overstaying their welcome. According to a study from the Pew Hispanic Center, nearly half of the more than 12 million illegal immigrants residing in the United States arrived here legally (Seminara, 2008, p. 1). The Department of Homeland Security estimates that between 27 to 57 percent of the nation’s illegal population has stayed past their visas’ expiration dates (Seminara, 2008, p. 1). In order to make the hard work and money invested in securing the border worth it, the federal authorities must rework the immigration system in the nation. This involves the development of “counterfeit-proof work permits, green cards, and reliable Social Security rolls” that would prevent immigrants from staying past the expiration date on their work visa (Noriega & Davy, 2007). Also, the establishment of “a system whereby migrant workers can apply for validated, biometric entry keys to cross our border legally and safely” would ensure that the authorities would be alerted of those who stay past their welcome (Rosenblum, 2015). After the federal authorities rework the immigration system in America, they will be closer to solving the enormous problem in the nation.
With a restructured visa system, the next step would be the creation of an effective guest worker program that would encourage immigrants to opt for legally entering the country rather than rather than finding aid in human traffickers and drug cartels. The economy has stabilized after the financial crisis of 2008 and more immigrants are coming to America seeking potential job opportunities (“Improv...

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...der or overstaying their visas’ expiration dates, highlights major flaws in the nation’s security. While the illegal immigrants’ attraction towards America enhances the country’s reputation, it does show that the nation is not strong enough to regulate them. Implementing some security measures including increasing Border Patrol agents, implementing new technology, and executing policy changes would show that the country recognizes its flaws and is actively trying to solve them. Even though the 11.3 million unauthorized aliens are not the main threat, they do distort laws, distract resources, and effectively create a cover for terrorists and other criminals (Kane & Johnson, 2006). The pressing security threat imposed by the growing population of illegal immigrants should be brought to the attention of the American government so that policymakers can act immediately.

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