The Illegal Immigrant Controversy Essay

The Illegal Immigrant Controversy Essay

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It seems that everyone has an opinion on the illegal immigrant issue. We read about it in the newspaper, see the issue addressed on television, and hear that our elected officials are proposing new laws to address the problem. At one end of the spectrum are those who propose that we build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out, or deport them if they have managed to enter the country illegally. At the other end, are the proponents who want America to accept the “undocumented” and grant them amnesty. Because of the strong feeling surrounding the issue of illegal immigrants, the controversy will not be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. However, we should work together to come up with a solution that is in the best interest of our country while legalizing the status of the illegal immigrants.
As we consider options for a legalization process, we should ask ourselves if amnesty is the answer. It is defined as “a blanket overlooking of an offense by the government…” (Amnesty Law). Would granting a “pathway to citizenship” be a preferable method? (Werner). Many of our citizens are opposed to either choice. They feel that the individuals gained access by illegal means, or failed to return home at the prescribed time; therefore, they should be returned to their native countries. Their concerns are justified, and we should make an effort to understand their reasoning. There are approximately twelve million undocumented workers in the United States who are hiding in the background awaiting a decision.
It is not too difficult to understand why someone would be opposed to illegal immigrants that are jeopardizing our citizens’ jobs, and incurring no tax liability. All the while, they enjoy the benefits of free education and med...

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