Illegal Drug Use Is A Serious Social Issue Essay

Illegal Drug Use Is A Serious Social Issue Essay

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Illegal Drug Use
Every time I walk along the Market Street in San Francisco, I maintain keen vigilance since there is a lot of people on the street who are using drugs. They wear dirty clothes and trousers, lie on the street, and carry needles in their hands. I am afraid that they will run at me suddenly because of their drug-induced mental trance. This is not only the experience of an isolated few, but the common feelings of people who have been influenced by the increasing drug users in public. Not only on the Market Street, sometimes They 're outside on the corner when my friends leave their houses in the morning; they 're still there when my friends return. They made my friends fell unsafe. The illegal drug use is a serious social issue that needs to be mitigated by the government in order to maintain social stability.
First of all, these people affect the appearance of our city negatively. For any people, but in particular for any tourists who come to San Francisco and want to have a nice day here, they may have the feeling of disgust to the city since they see the use of ill...

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