Ill Effects of Advertisements on Children Essay

Ill Effects of Advertisements on Children Essay

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Advertising is harmful to children, not because “Advertising is about choices-nothing else” (Kurnit), but because unlike adults children are far too impressionable and therefore need guidance so that such advertisement does not negatively influence the choices children make for their future. However, even the parent of the year would not be able to stop their child from being negatively influenced by the “ more than 25,000 advertisements a year” (Levin 51) children witness. Wether it be the food and beverage marketing industry that “is associated with increasing obesity rates” (Lang 339), or the tobacco manufactures who spend “$30 million/day (11.2 billion/year) on advertising and promotion” (Padley 3), or all the toys that are hocked on television and the internet, such advertisement “has an immense impact on the impressionable minds of the your generation” (Pandey 1.)
Without proper guidance, advertisements can be confusing and sometimes negatively misleading for younger children. However, the opposition believes “ the reason we have so many fat, unhealthy kids who get involved i...

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