The Iliad By Robert Fagles And Salammbo Essay

The Iliad By Robert Fagles And Salammbo Essay

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The Iliad written by Homer, translated by Robert Fagles and Salammbo written by Flaubert uses the main protagonist characters to portray messages about war, love, and women throughout the novel. Achilles is the main character in The Iliad and Salammbo is the main charter in Salammbo. Both characters were similar in their characteristics expect the fact that Salammbo is a female and Achilles is a male. Both books analyze the effects of war and relationships that promote the characters to go to war. Both works shows the extremeness of what people will do for their loved ones even if it is going to war. Both books also show the theme of death and its impact. The poem The Iliad takes place in the city of Troy, outside of Troy where the Trojan War happens while Salammbo take place during the Punic war. While characteristics and techniques of war, women and the main characters in The Iliad and Salammbo is different, the relationship that Achilles and Salammbo had with their companions, friends and family was similar displaying the overall theme of the passage.
The setting of The Iliad occurs in Greece where the Achaeans and Trojans are at war. Achilles is the main character who is a strong warrior for the Achaeans but his rage causes the Achaeans countless losses because he would not fight for them. He is “murderous”, wise, skilled, and an intelligent fighter. In Salammbo, the main character Salammbo is bold, attractive and beautiful. While Achilles is a strong fighter and does everything to win the war, Salammbo uses her attractiveness. Achilles is a strong warrior because he is willing to fight anyone who come between his life as it stated on page 77, “Rage – Goddess, sing the rage of Peleus’ son Achilles, Murderous, doomed, that cost...

... middle of paper ..., another important element in both novels is the role of women. Women in The Iliad were seen as inferior while women were seen as superior in Salammbo. When Achilles wife Briseis was identified as “war prizes”, Salammbo was identified as beautiful lovely women. Women in The Iliad did not play much important role as women in Salammbo. Women are identified and used as objects such as sex slave. Briseis is a sex slave for Achilles and when she is taking, Achilles does not even care for her. He cares for her role as a sex slave. This is the opposite in Salammbo because Matho treats Salammbo with respect when they are having intimacy and even when they were not. He adores her and celebrates her unlike Achilles who does not care for women and look down upon them. This emphasize that Salammbo is an important role and leading role in the novel unlike women in The Iliad.

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