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The website that has been chosen to be evaluated by me is IKEA’s website. IKEA website is actually one of the profit-making website. The website enables people to choose for their items and make a list before they make a real purchase at the real IKEA store. Basically, IKEA store is a store that provides home furnishing products such as sofas, beds, kitchen stuff, toiletries and some others. And even more, they had a showroom to inspire people to decorate their own house. So, in the website, there is also a preview of the showroom as it will helps for those that did not get a chance to go to the IKEA store.
In order to evaluate the website, the first aspect to be evaluated is in terms of the content. All the content intended appear in the website such as the details for each product. The product that being displayed on website is not slightly different than the real one; what you look is what you will see or get. The purpose of why this website is created had been stated in the IKEA Privacy Policy page. The IKEA website provides a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. Even there are tonnes of pictures of product in some pages, but yet still can be considered that the content of the webpage is properly organized. People can just simply click on the item that they want to look out, as the image has been arranged in a grid and not jumbled up. Besides that, the customer also can download the IKEA catalogue and IKEA Home Planner software to view the product better. By using IKEA catalogue, it enables users to zoom in the product itself.
Next is in terms of the design and aesthetics. Layout that being used for this website is a plain white which easier people to read the text that is in black, in contrast and suitable for the concept of showroom online. The font is also suits which is not too big and not too small to be read by people. To highlight the main subject or the main product, the font is being bold to alert customers that they choose the right one. There is no audio available for this website or even a video. But somehow, as it was a home furnishing website, most of the pictures being used by the website is in JPEG format to deliver a clear view of the products to customers.

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Based on the website, there is none of disclose of authors but there is some information about the sponsors and developers. There are many companies that supply IKEA products around the world but not stated in detail which companies as there are a lot. In addition, the IKEA website is generally developed by Inter IKEA System B.V and currently, the content is reliable and no error found which make the Inter IKEA System B.V seems to be such a good developer.
Furthermore, the information in the website is clear, complete, and currently updated as new products or new furniture being gained by the real IKEA store. My Shopping List link is enabling in the website as it helps customer to plan their purchases before visit the IKEA store. By browsing the website, it can be said that the information of the product is precise as all the information including the picture of the product, label of price stated for each product, and also the price of the product that is on sales is exactly the same as in the IKEA store. This will prevent customer to get confused as if there are different information of the product thus will tarnish the reputation of IKEA.
As the website is reliable and trustworthy, so it is considered that the information provided is reliable. This can be judge by looking at the name domain name of the webpage itself, which contain .com and .my. Basically this website is true and is safe to be browse by user without people have to hesitate. As it does not provide buying online service and any payment through online, hence it is safe and secure.
In addition, the website is logically organized to ease people in searching through the website. In Product Search page, all of the products will appear based on their category under each main product. In example, under beds, the sub products consists of double beds, single beds, beds with storage, bed storage, loft beds and bunk beds, beside tables, and some more. By click on the photo, customer will then know about the description of the product, which consists of price, product dimensions, key features, designer, item measurement and weight, care instructions and some other information. The content labels that being used is also short and communicative to the users.
The movement between every each page is quite confusing as there is no page number stated. The user needs to click at previous button on their browser to go back to the previous page. But then, the link stated to go for any section in the website is easy to use by just clicking at it, and even more, no links that are crashed or the content is unavailable as users open it. As people have to scroll down further to view products, at the bottom of the page, there is “BACK TO TOP” button to ease people to go to the top of the page without scroll up back.
As IKEA is being well-known among people because the company is already established franchise of home furnishing company all around the world, so it would be easier for people to keep visiting or returning to this site. By looking at the domain name of the webpage, www.ikea.com.my, it was a simple name that people can easily memorize it and can go back to the page like for hundred times. The page also does not take much time to load eventhough it contain lots of photos. People all around the world can just search for the webpage and can access it anytime and anywhere. For more, IKEA website or catalogue can be install in smartphones, thus help users to be more convenient to view the website by just one click, as simple as that.
All the links that available is clearly labelled and is created for a purpose. Users can just easily click on the link without trouble them to open for a new tab if they want to search for another product. They can just jump off to any page they like by click on the link. For example, if the users do not know how to shop at IKEA as they are new to IKEA, they can click on “How to Shop at IKEA” link and the guide are there. User could use all the links that have been available on the website as it will help them to save time when browsing.
For the attribution and documentation, the sources that being used in this website is reliable and updated. Inter IKEA System B.V does not take much sources to be put in the website as they want to maintain the originality of the website itself. It means that, as it is their own developed website, so they want to make sure that all in there is by them and not from others.
In the website, there are two languages available for users to choose either BM (Bahasa Malaysia) or EN (English) as these two languages is the languages that commonly used among Malaysian. The language being used in the website is appropriate and really suits to be read by all without focus to the certain gender only means women and man. As it was a website that described about a product, so no complicated words being used in describing it.
Last but not least, user can consult with the IKEA team or even ask them for any enquiries as in “Contact Us” link, there is an email of IKEA and a form that need to be filled up by customer in order to ask a question. Basically, customer will have to look at FAQ page for the frequent asked questions and if there is no question or answer related to what they want to know, only then they need to fill up form in Contact Us page and send it to IKEA’s official email. After that, the IKEA team will surely give a feedback towards the question that being asked. The website also provides their address and phone number in IKEA Privacy and Policy page, that customers can directly call or just visit the IKEA if they need something in hurry.
In sum, what can be conclude about this website is, it such a good website to be viewed by user and easy to use or browse through it as the website is simple and provide enough information about any product that is available. Customer will be satisfied looking to the product eventhough just by browsing the web. But somehow, IKEA does not provide buying through online and for delivery also, IKEA only have a delivery service to Klang Valley area including Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Kajang, and selected parts of Rawang. Hence, in future, IKEA should enable customer to buy online and make delivery all around Malaysia in order to ease the customer that lived apart from IKEA get to buy the IKEA products also.

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