Essay about Ignorance Is The Lack Of Knowledge Of Information

Essay about Ignorance Is The Lack Of Knowledge Of Information

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Ignorance is the lack of knowledge of information, incomprehension of education, or being in the state of being uninformed about something. Thus, everyone is ignorant in some areas of education, because even the uncommon, accelerated, over achieving human is ignorant. Another word for ignorance is Mental Fermentation. Mental Fermentation is associated with The Four Noble Truths and The Five Hindrances. The Five Hindrances will obscure, obstruct, and distort the outcomes of The Four Noble Truths. According to The Five Hindrances, ignorance, or in other words, Mental Fermentation causes those to feel restless

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and regretful (What-Buddha-Said). The following incident from a student that attends Duke University revealed in Durham, NC indicates back to the feeling of regret. Student from Duke University revealed:
Unfortunately, through my lack of cultural awareness and joking personality, I ended up unintentionally creating a huge mess for myself, my friends, my family and many members of the Duke community that I severely regret. I am the student who created the noose and after playing around with it left it hanging on a low tree branch next to a table where I had been sitting with some of my friends. At the time, I truly did not appreciate the historical sensitivity of a noose hanging in a tree.
As a result of this incident people should feel that at this rate of ignorance, increasing day by day, the world would be living hell in the next ten years. The world may not see what ignorance is doing to the society right now, but when ten years come and go by, the world will then see the difference and damage it is doing.

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Furthermore, Americans today do not appreciate education. Which contributes to ignorance...

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...dren to go to school, get a good education, graduate, and live life accordingly. Cristina explains:
“It is sad that America does not know their true values anymore. We have completely forgotten. We don 't care anymore. Now we have other values in our lives. But they are not real values. We don 't appreciate anymore the models that lived long ago. We don 't even know anything about them. And that 's sad, very sad. Our society will probably degrade much faster if something does not happen, and quickly. We have already lost too many things along the way, and if we don 't do anything, soon it will be no turning back. We 'll be lost in ignorance.
As a conclusion, the sad truth is that people don 't care about the real values of our world anymore. We are lost in indifference. We are lost in self-deceit. And, right now, we don 't even seem to know what the solution could be.

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