If We Are What We Eat, What Does This Count As? Essay

If We Are What We Eat, What Does This Count As? Essay

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References can possibly be made between the modern world of high school and the brutal wilderness of Africa. Walk into any high school, and even a college or two, cafeteria and the similarities are blatantly obvious. Here is where the watering hole can be seen: the very place where members of the tribe or pack congregate everyday to talk, eat, and determine the food chain. There are the lions, the seniors of the school, lounging lazily in the sun and reveling in their greatest accomplishment yet: gaining acceptance into college. Next the elephants make themselves known, juniors loud and looking to prove their worth to the rest of the jungle, showing they are capable of operating the complex system known as high school once the seniors are gone. Sophomores present themselves in the form of the chimpanzees, hanging out in the trees, watching another year and all the commotion around them floating leisurely by. Finally, we see the gazelles, frightened freshmen quivering in anticipation and excitement of the next four years of their lives, looking for a safe place to graze the savannas. While these four components of the jungle happen smoothly and seem to take little effort, little thought is given to the primary purpose of the animal’s gathering: the food itself. Food, as a vital and necessary part of any being’s existence, is served to the masses within cafeterias across the nation. For many of these schools and some colleges, the food served is neither of the highest quality, nor the most satisfying available. Across the country, millions of schools every year are serving below average meals which do not meet health standards necessary for growing students, meals which are also dissatisfying to the student in both taste and qua...

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... distribution of frozen entrees. Better lunches begin with fresh produce, whole grains, and fruits. By way of these five recommended solutions, surely there can be one valid enough to make precedence for the future and allow a better, healthier America.

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