Essay on If Untouchability Lives, Hinduism must Die

Essay on If Untouchability Lives, Hinduism must Die

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India is a pure land where gods reside in the beautiful plains of Ganga including those enchanting Himalayas. The assumption that Dalits also known as untouchables are different from a normal individual is infecting the country. Imagine that one day a person asks someone his/her name and then moves on asking if he/she is a Dalit. What would the person’s reaction be? Such a question will not only offend the upper class but also the Dalit. Dalits have not committed any sin, have they? Does the Dalit not have the same red blood as a Brahmin (priests or teachers, highest caste in India)? Does he not suffer the same pain as any Brahmin will go through if they are both in the same situation? Why do we distinguish between Brahmins and Dalits? Why are Brahmins placed on the top and Dalits in lowest? Why is there such segregation amongst the people when they all should be the same? Once M.K Gandhi, the father of the country said, “If untouchability lives, Hinduism must die.” I would like to qualify this claim by M.K Gandhi. Gandhi was against those people who assumed that untouchables are different from the normal citizens of the nation and used to treat them in an inappropriate way. Gandhi believed that Hinduism had the power to remove these thoughts from such thinkers and also that the whole concept from the land. This quote can be seen with different prospective. In this essay, I am looking at it from the prospective of M.K. himself as well as the other major prospective. Is it Hinduism that gave birth to Dalits and if so does it have the power to remove it from its root? It is the mentalities of the people that are leading to untouchability.

The assumption is that Hinduism has given its followers the opportunity to be a better part...

... middle of paper ... toli (a small colony segregated from the village for the Dalits- leather workers). Once a village head got his son taken TC from a school, when he came to know that a Dalit was appointed to prepare the mid-day meal for the school students. “In Rajasthan's Dholeria Shashan village near Pali, newcomers are interrogated, and if they are scheduled castes, entry is tough.”- These are the words, from the article mentioned above. “The National Commission for Scheduled Castes in Chandigarh admitted that it receives 3-4 complaints daily. Ajmer district police reportedly has recorded 360 cases pertaining to SCs/STs over the last 18 months. In UP, over two dozen such cases were filed in the last six months.”- These are the words, from the article mentioned above.

Two tigers do not share the same territory. Let’s make a decision, what should live Hinduism or untouchability?

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