Essay about If The World Were A Ship

Essay about If The World Were A Ship

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If the world were a ship, it would be sinking. On this ship is the world’s population and some people are trying to dump out the water with a spoon while others are convinced that ships don’t sink. For this world to be survive with all of it’s inhabitants intact we will need to change the way we think about our economy, change the way wealth is created, and change the way we view the world we live in as a whole.
Currently the United States, and the entire world on some level, view economy as expandable and glorious. This is can be seen in the difference between generations and how they think about money. Teaching someone the value of a dollar has an entirely different meaning today than it did fifty years ago. The thing is not everyone realizes that the disparity between the generations is causing our hardships. The parents of baby boomers knew what it was like to be poor and the struggle of trying to survive. For them an orange was a Christmas present and there was a feeling of gratitude every time there was dinner on the table. These ideals have become more and more removed from our society as time goes on. The generation after baby boomers was far less conservative with their money than their parents. This has trickled down to the generation of today and their flippant attitude when it comes to money and what affect they have on the economy. An attitude of irreverence has led to a huge disparity between America today and the poorest countries in Africa.Other than the obvious geographical and social demographic reasons, knowing the value of a dollar divides a generation in half. For many it is hard to imagine or care about those living on a dollar a day or having to drink dirty water because they have never experienced hardshi...

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...ry person on the planet before anything will actually get done. The way we view think about our economy has an incredible impact on more than just us and needs to be a part of our daily lives. The way that wealth is created is detrimental to many different societies and has to be changed in order for people who are worse off to better their lives. The way we view our world as a whole needs to change also because currently we view as limitless when in all really we are getting closer and closer to our limit everyday. In Hot, Flat, and Crowded it says, “People don’t seem to realize, that it is not like we’re on the Titanic and we have to avoid hitting the iceberg. We’ve already hit the iceberg” (263). This quote shows how we need to view the world in order to fix anything. Our global economic development cannot grow if we are acting like we haven’t hit the iceberg yet.

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