If I Were A Defense Attorney Essay

If I Were A Defense Attorney Essay

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If I were a defense attorney defending a man against a charge of burglary but he does not remember if he had done anything because he was drunk that night and on the stand when I ask him about that night when the burglary had been committed and he responds he was home watching television that night I would let him finish his story and take him off the stand. As a defense attorney I don’t believe I am participating in perjury because although I know my client has inconsistent stories I am unaware if he is lying. In this situation I would take a break to speak to my client and call to his attention his inconsistent stories and inform him that he has taken an oath to tell the truth and if he violated that oath he will commit perjury. I will then ask the defendant if he had recovered his memory from that night because he not only responded that he was watching a television show but he also described the sow and plotline. I don’t think my client had committed perjury because I don’t know the truth and he might have recollected his memory.
Situation 2:
If I were a member of the jury on a child molestation case in which the defendant is accused on a series of molestations in his neighborhood and have been advised by the judge not to discuss the case with anyone however, going down in the elevator I happen to ride with the prosecutor in the case that tells me that the defendant had a prior child molestation conviction that has yet to be heard off I would let the judge know. Although, I was sure that the defendant was guilty before I had the conversation with the prosecutor I will inform the judge about the conversation. I will inform the judge because I believe everyone deserves due process. I strongly believe that the defendant shoul...

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...utor who is my opponent having dinner together but they are married to other people I will first speak to other defense attorneys in the area that had to deal with them before in court. If most of the defense attorneys had lost their cases with this judge with this prosecutor but won most of the cases with another judge and prosecutor I will then request a new judge in order to provide my defendant a fair trial. This decision will create animosity and if the judge refuses it could jeopardize the outcome of the case however, I will prove that there is something suspicious going on between the prosecutor and the judge because I will have the past defense attorneys to defend my stand. If most of the defense attorneys had no problem with the judge and the prosecutor in their case then I will just suspect that they are just having a normal dinner without their spouses.

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