If I Were A Boy By Beyonce : Awareness Of Gender Stereotype Essay

If I Were A Boy By Beyonce : Awareness Of Gender Stereotype Essay

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If I Were A Boy by Beyoncé: Awareness of Gender Stereotype
When I think about living in the hypothetical world such as If I were a bird, rich, or president, I usually imagine about it with my wish, hope, and favorable expectation. In her music video, “If I Were A Boy”, Beyoncé acts like a man and behaves in the way she thinks what is like being a man. It reveals gender stereotype that we may have subconsciously, while also implying her hope for women to be strong and positive beyond the gender stereotype.
We have more or less gender stereotype and create our own set of standards how men and women are supposed to behave. The music video delivers a weird impression that something is wrong with the story because the characters in the video are acting opposite from society’s expectations of gender stereotype. The video portrays a couple’s normal daily life, which may have been seen everywhere, and it’s nothing special except that the perspectives of males and females are opposite from what we would expect. The main cast includes Beyoncé as a wife who is a police officer and Eddie Goines as her supportive husband who works at an office. In the video, the storyline is slightly twisted because Beyoncé acts like a “man” in the way most men are depicted in other music videos or TV shows. Men are the ones typically shown flirting with other girls and taking the partners that they already have for granted. On the contrary, Eddie acts like the “woman” by putting some effort into making his partner happy and bringing peace to his relationship by preparing breakfast, buying a gift, and turning down a socialization with his co-workers in order to get to home to be available for his wife. At the end of the music video, their roles are suddenly ...

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...opinions have very important meanings that they are exactly pointing out the problem of gender stereotype that skews one’s thought.
Not all the audiences have same impression about the video, but I believe majority of them had the same weird feelings like I had because we may subconsciously have gender stereotype. Having the gender stereotype is dangerous because it allows us to impose the skewed standard on others and treat them in the wrong way without doubt. The video delivers messages to us that we should follow and act the way we believe and not to be trapped by the gender stereotype that prevents our action. I have sensed that the song implies messages to any woman who is having unsatisfactory relationship but giving up to change it. The song encourages them by telling women can do whatever they want just like the wife in the video before the role reversed.

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