Ielts Is The Dominant International Test Essay

Ielts Is The Dominant International Test Essay

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Also, Moore, Stroupe, & Mahony, (2009) argued that the intricate connections between realities of globalization and improved living formed the basis of testing in Cambodia. As a result of these and other developments, Cambodians see IELTS as a ticket to a better job and better educational opportunities both within Cambodia and abroad. IELTS is the dominant international test used by Cambodians for various decision-making purposes, such as study abroad opportunities and scholarships This reality has promoted the IELTS not only in Cambodia but in countries like USA, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. Like other authors have posited that the stakes of a test come from the consequences of using the test score to make decisions. This paradigm is appropriate because the IELTS Test is not only a market leader in English language proficiency testing and but also a high-stakes test with the power to make a significant social impact as the case is in Cambodia. So, it can be assumed that decision making process based on assessment results have been influenced by ideologies, values and language identities as well as by international pressures. It is not only determined by all these forces but also involve the way cultural actors perceived and use language. Consequently, decisions from test results in any education system is determined by the socio-political as well as economic objectives of the government in power.
Like Moore,, Hakuta (2014) took a futuristic predictions on the deciding and determining factors on the assessment of content in language testing. The findings of the study to some extent support other similar studies that suggest that pronouncements on contents of language assessments and planning are ma...

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...nals. This can generates several glitches in testing because people’s behavior are based on their values and perceptions. This criteria to a large extent determines what the individual’s reality will be and the choice of decision to be taken and in the end what would inform the content of testing. From my experience, choices of testing contents and test items are based more on subjective rather than practical applications. This implies that some test designers may design tests based on their beliefs and experiences, which may not necessarily have a specific theoretical implications. This reminds me of Bourdieu’s field of power, a space of conflict and competition with every stakeholder trying to outdo and outweigh the other using the various resources at their disposal to achieve this. This basically is what testing has turned to in the present day society.

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