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The Idle No More Movement Essay

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Within the Aboriginal ways of knowing it is suggested that “land is the heart of Creation, a realm where humans are among a vast array of creatures” (Belanger, 2014, p. 7). In essence, the Aboriginal people have looked upon the earth as a source of resources that may be utilized but must be honored. This is further substantiated by Belanger when he states that “human beings began to measure their existence in terms of how well they ensured the land’s health and safety, as opposed to how well they acquired wealth and personal gain” (Belanger, 2014, p. 8). As a result of this deeply ingrained relationship between the Aboriginal person and Creation, it comes as no surprise to learn that the Aboriginal people of Canada have decided to revolt against what they consider to be an insult to both their ways of knowing and Creation; earth itself. Thus, on November 10, 2012 the Idle No Movement began ("Timeline," 2013). For the purpose of this paper, this student will discuss how the Idle No More movement began, what the movement entailed, and whether or not the message of Idle No More was heard.
What started out as correspondence regarding Bill C-45, between four women in Saskatchewan: Jessica Gordon, Sheelah McLean, Sylvia McAdam, and Nina Wilson; turned into what is known today as the Idle No More Movement (CBC News Canada, 2013). The purpose of the Idle No More movement was to illuminate the issues surrounding the passing of Bill C-45 and to help stop the erosion of the current treaties between the Aboriginal people and the Canadian government as well as the erosion of the rights of both the Aboriginal people and the rights of all Canadian people in general (CBC News Canada, 2013). Although the Idle No More movement originated in Saskatc...

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