Identity Theft : The Misappropriation Of Another Essay

Identity Theft : The Misappropriation Of Another Essay

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Identity theft can be described as the misappropriation of another

person’s identity that typically involves impersonating someone else and taking up that

person 's personality. Most cases of identity theft frequently involve the need to access

valuable resources or take credit and other advantages that accompany a renowned

person 's title. Victims of identity theft (people whose identities have been stolen) stand to

suffer unfavorable consequences if they are assumed responsible for the actions of the

perpetrator. Identity theft happens when an individual illegally acquires and exploits

other people’s private information such as names or PIN numbers to carry out swindles

or other offenses. While this nature of identity theft is very common, several unexplored

aspects of this phenomenon exist in the real world. This category contains many

questions on the nature and description of identity theft (Anania, Johannes, and Eeten

29). This new perspective is far much broader and includes events that were initially

assumed ordinary and non-criminal.

By far, the most common form of identity theft involves exploiting flaws that

exist in the common information technology platforms. Credit card, Email, and Internet

identity thefts fall in this category. Fraudsters normally use different techniques that

tamper with the technology or alter the information within the cards. Regardless of the

approach, such types of theft have a thin threshold that allows them to be categorized as

genuine “identity thefts” (Lenardon 43). Stolen credit cards may be used for fraudulent

purposes and returned to the owner’s possession without them even realizing. Such

misdemeanors take place over a span of several hours. In such...

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and transforming information to money or property, eradicating ways in which

information is obtained and changed into valuable products, and communicating the

potential legal ramifications of stealing other people’s identity may assist in lowering

identity theft (Biegelman 45). To comprehend the felony of identity theft and therefore

maximize the possibility that legislators and law enforcement are helpful in eliminating

this crime, more studies needs to be conducted (Anania et al., 39). First, several laws

have been implemented to extend assistance to consumers and identity theft victims.

Nonetheless, the efficiency of these regulations has not yet been evaluated. A greater part

of this legislation is moderately new, prospective research should assess the level to

which the law is an effective approach in lowering cases of identity theft.

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