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Identity Of A Person 's Identity Essay

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Identity: In & Beyond the Binary sheds light on the reality of what it’s like for those who feel as if they were born with a different assigned gender then the one they experience internally. This documentary followed a richly diverse group of people as they sought to explain what their journey had been like prior to living as the gender that they identified with internally, and what the process of transition had been like for them. The dissonance between a person’s gender ascribed at birth and a person’s expressed gender, is the main characteristic of the DSM-5 disorder known as gender dysphoria. Along with this incongruence of identity expression, another key credential for meeting the diagnosis is that individuals must also have suffered distress or impairment that is clinically significant in nature in order to meet the criteria for gender dysphoria.
Many of the people interviewed met the DSM-5 criteria for Gender Dysphoria in obvious ways. One interviewee, Buck, who had been biologically born a women, stated that he had always “felt this maleness” inside of himself since he was a child. Additionally, he grew up presenting himself as a male, and eventually went through the complete legal and physical transition to match his gender identity to his gender expression. Likewise, another interviewee, Mia’s gender dysphoria was expressed in her childhood. She recalled in the documentary that she dressed up as a girl at a very young age and presented herself before her parents; she went on to say “I thought my parents were silly that they didn’t recognize that I was a girl.” Many of the participants who had already transitioned to their expressed and experienced gender, commented that they always knew inside that they were of the op...

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...stance that might be beneficial for those who are going through the challenges associated with living with this disorder. It seems as though family therapy would be beneficial, as many interviews cited relational problems with family members as an area of distress. In addition, talk-therapy would also be beneficial, as well a group therapy to help individuals process their thoughts and experiences. Furthermore, providing clients with referrals for financial assistance, medical, and career assistance seems like it would be beneficial, as many interviewees stated that they lacked adequate medical resources, financial resources and struggled with maintaining employment. Thus, this documentary provided much needed insight and awareness into this disorder and the different areas of assistance that may be benefited to address for those who struggle with gender dysphoria.

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