Essay about Identity Is An Abstract, Multifaceted Concept

Essay about Identity Is An Abstract, Multifaceted Concept

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Cultural Identity

Identity is an abstract, multifaceted concept, which plays of an essential role in intercultural communication interactions, because of globalization and diversity around the world. In this paper I will describe the basic types of identity, such as human, social, and personal.
Today people are forced to adapt to the dynamic and constantly changing every day life; thus, identity is becoming an important factor in how they live and with whom they associate. The importance of forming of identity pointed by Samovar,
“According to Pinney, a principal objective of one’s adolescent years is the formation of an identity, and “those who fail to achieve a secure identity are faced with identity confusion, a lack of clarity about who they are and what their role is in life.” This suggests that the identity development plays a critical role in the individual’s psychological wellbeing. Thus, the necessity of understanding your sense of identity is self evident”(214). We can say identity designates the human behavior, interaction with other people, and direction of personal and professional life. Also, identity is dynamic and multiple and changes as a function of person’s life experiences. Turner divided identities into three general categories such as human, social, and personal. Human identities are perceptions of self in the surrounding world. The various groups, such as race, ethnicity, occupation, age, hometown, and others, represent social identities. Social identity is a product of the contrast between membership in some social groups and non-membership in others. Personal identity distinguishes a person from other in-group members and makes him or her as special or unique. These may be innate talents, sp...

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...ect and promote what they consider positive features of their identity and omit the negative elements, or even construct entirely new identities. According to Suler, the Internet provides opportunity to escape the constraints of everyday identities and offers to people to present themselves to a different way (Samovar 223).
In summary, it should be noted: identity is a highly abstract, dynamic, multifaceted concept defined who you are; every individual has multiple identities: racial, ethnic, gender, national, regional, organizational, personal, fantasy; identity is acquired through interaction with other members of one´s cultural group, and the family exerts a primary influence on early identity formation.

Work cited
Samovar, Larry A., and Richard E. Porter. Communication between Cultures.
8th ed. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning, 2013. Print.

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