Identity And Self Esteem Issues Essay

Identity And Self Esteem Issues Essay

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Gregor has identity and self-esteem issues. He does not know who he is anymore and he is disgusted by this and the fact that he has turned into a hideous creature, both figuratively and literally. This shows when he has woken up after turning into a cockroach with an itch. After he tries to scratch his itch he sees one of his many legs and is revolted this truth.
The immensity of his disgust is portrayed in his reaction to turning into a bug. He does not react how most people would if they woke up one morning to find that they have been turned in to what most would consider the world’s most repulsive insect. Instead of reacting in such a way, he simply reflects on his life as a human and how monotonous it was. In this reflection it becomes clear that he his family is codependent on him. Codependency is no small thing, and it should be address. When someone is codependent, it means that they do not have a healthy sense of togetherness (codependent) and individuality (dis-connected). Individuality is who someone is as a person and being able to stand on their own two feet. Togetherness...

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