Identity And Intimacy Within The Adolescent Period Essay

Identity And Intimacy Within The Adolescent Period Essay

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Both identity and intimacy are important aspects throughout the adolescent period. Identity development is the process in which adolescents work to define themselves as unique individuals. Whereas true intimacy is when the adolescent becomes able to exchange certain important and necessary aspects with others aside from their parents, while simultaneously maintaining their sense of self. Although two very different concepts they both are set to occur during adolescence and they can both be marked a period in which many changes are occurring. Adolescents itself is a period of finding yourself and figuring out who others are and what they mean to you therefore it is evident that both identity and intimacy are parallel and mutually influencing. While adolescents are engaged in the identity formation process, many are also entering into romantic-type relationships (Kerpelman, 2012). Being that there are several forms in which one can be intimate I feel that it is necessary to have some sense of achieved identity in order to gain intimacy.
It is important for adolescents to have found some sense of identity before or during the formation of intimate relationship simply because it’s impossible have true intimacy and discloser with someone else if you are not even somewhat aware of who you are. There are certain aspects that occur during identity formation that specifically shape that who and way in which you will be intimate with others. Romantic intimacy and friendship intimacy each contribute uniquely to the details of adolescent relationships (Mackinnon, 2011). For example, during the formation of identity the adolescent is not only figuring out who they are, they are figuring out the people in which they best click with. These fin...

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...ntity exploration is providing a new foundation for identity commitments, one would also expect identity styles to also predict levels of intimacy commitment (Kerpelman, 2012). I also not only feel that it is possible for an adolescent to develop intimacy, I feel that it is an essential part of the adolescent period in more ways than one. It is very important for adolescents to be able to disclose and have close knit relationships with people other than their parents. Being able to go through this process as an adolescent in turn aids in the knowledge about people and the structure of the relationships they can form in adulthood. I also feel that intimacy in the form of dating also helps the adolescent to know in terms of what type of mate they are looking for, what they like and dislike in a potential mate, and essentially what to expect in adult dating situation.

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