The Identities Of The Characters From Mister Pip By Lloyd Jones And Nomi Nickel From A Complicated Kindness

The Identities Of The Characters From Mister Pip By Lloyd Jones And Nomi Nickel From A Complicated Kindness

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The identities of the main characters Matilda Laimo from Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones and Nomi Nickel from A complicated Kindness by Miriam Towes are influenced by their own history and by people around them, which also shape them as individuals. Both novels teach us that our identity is revealed when we are faced with difficulties in life. It is shown that identity comes from a mixture of factors such as time, culture, religion and place where one lives. The identities of Nomi and Matilda will further be explained.
To understand someone’s identity, you also have to understand that people around them can influence them, as with Matilda. The inception where Mister Pip began shaping Matilda in her growth as a person was introduced by the following quote: “That was chapter one of Great Expectations which incidentally is the greatest novel by the greatest English author Charles Dickens” (Jones p. 21). “I knew all about departure. I know from Mister Pip about how to leave a place. I knew you don’t look back” (Jones p. 222). This quote supports how some events or people can influence one’s life that is Mister Pips influence on Matilda. These are examples of how one’s influence can affect someone else’s life.
To identify with someone’s identity you also have to acknowledge that people can influence others as with Travis, Nomi’s boyfriend. Although Travis had an influence on Nomi, in this case, he had a negative influence as he states: “But before that, before the hospital and the field, sometime, I set a track on fire in the parking lot of the Kyro Motor Inn” (Towes p. 229). Another example on negative influence is when she confesses: “It’s sad, but I don’t know what I’ll do without my cigarettes” (Towes p. 85). In this case Travi...

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...d but through all her hardships in life she is trying to keep it together which shows growth in her life. This shows how Nomi’s identity was shaped around her growing up and her maturity and in this case how her town and past experiences in life helped her to grow and mature as a person.
We see the identities of the main characters Matilda from Mister Pip and Nomi from A Complicated Kindness were influenced by circumstances and events in their lives that helped their growth as a person. This was achieved by identifying their wants, setting goals, being around people that were influential, through reading novels or the community that they lived in. The reader is thus able to understand who Matilda and Nomi are and to further understand their identities.
Both novels demonstrate how important it is to look for and embrace opportunities for personal growth.

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