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Identifying Therapeutic Goals Essay

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The behavior therapist is likely to work with a client in identifying therapeutic goals through several means. Identifying therapeutic goals is one of his top priorities because only then can he truly go to work to help his client. He has his purpose in mind: to work through a systematic process to help his client to the best of his ability. The behavior therapist has confidence that the behavioral therapeutic models have been tried and tested. He understands that his focus is on his client’s current problems, specific goals and treatment plan.
When the behavior therapist works through his functional assessment, or behavioral analysis, he strives to uncover in a systematic way all of the parts and pieces of a problem. First, he works with his client to identify the antecedent, or all of the things that happen up to the behavior(s). Next, he listens and helps the client identify the behavior(s) as clearly as possible. Finally, he and the client think through the consequences, or the events that follow the behavior. This series can repeat itself multiple times as the therapist and the client flesh out details including all of the elements, people, and environments involved. The behavior therapist pays close attention and uses active listening when he is with his client. He is not as concerned with the history of the behaviors as he is with what is happening now. He watches his client for non- verbal cues, inflections in voice or tone, his manner, and any other nuances that might be helpful in identifying all aspects of the problem. The behavior therapist uses many interviewing techniques such as summarizing, reflection, clarification and open-ended questioning. His intent is not to badger the client, but to have the client fully ...

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...Standards of Ethical Practice, Section A: The Counseling Relationship, A.1. Welfare of those served by rehabilitation counselors, b. Rehabilitation and Counseling Plans reads, “Rehabilitation counselors and clients work jointly in devising and revising integrated, individual, and mutually agreed upon rehabilitation and counseling plans that offer a reasonable promise of success and are consistent with the abilities and circumstances of clients. Rehabilitation counselors and clients regularly review rehabilitation and counseling plans to assess continued viability and effectiveness.” This code demonstrates the high standards rehabilitation counselors place on helping their clients. Whether the clients are humans struggling to manage maladaptive behaviors or dogs training to assist people with disabilities, the efforts are good, true, and worthy of time and effort.

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