Identifying the Gaps Between Out of the Box Aptify Functionality and Requirements Validated for ISFL’s Aptify Implementation

Identifying the Gaps Between Out of the Box Aptify Functionality and Requirements Validated for ISFL’s Aptify Implementation

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Aptify conducted Requirements Confirmation meetings with ISFL to validate information exchanged during the sales process, discuss previously unknown requirements, discover gaps and clarify open questions or issues.

This document identifies the gaps between out of the box Aptify functionality and requirements validated for ISFL’s Aptify implementation. This document also contains all requirements identified for this implementation in section 8.

1.1 Assumptions and constraints

The following have been identified as assumptions during the confirmation meetings:
• ISFL purchased Aptify 5.0 which comes bundled with eBusiness and includes the following applications:
o Campaign Management
o Case Management
o Committee Management
o Customer
o Expo Management
o Inventory Management
o Meeting Management
o Membership Management
o Subscription Management
• Value system for membership activity is currently put on hold.
• LMS integration is out of scope at this time, and its integration is addressed in a change order submitted on January 19th 2010.

2 Membership Management
ISFL continues its aggressive goal to rapidly increase their members from 700 currently, to about 50,000 members in the next 5 – 7 years. To ensure expedited membership processing, ISFL requires a process flow to streamline the membership application process as illustrated in Figure 6: Membership Application Process.
The membership application process also generates artifacts as identified in Figure 7: Membership Application Data Flow.
2.1 Membership Application Process
All individuals or companies acquire their ISFL membership by going through the membership application process. The four different types of memberships of...

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...o participate. Stock Aptify functionality meets the following ISFL requirements for events management:
• Ability to create and track aspects of events/meetings, including speakers, room setup, A/V requirements, food and beverages, locations, registrants and times
• Ability to track attendance to meetings
• Ability to create multiple meeting sessions for an event
• Ability to invoke waiting list functionality whenever meetings are full
• Ability to invoke membership based pricing for event attendance
• Ability to monitor current event registration counts
• Ability to recognize revenue for event at the time the event occurs

8.1 Event confirmation
A configuration must be set up to enable email or printed notifications to be sent to registrants of events. The notification must list the event, price paid and other pertinent registration details.

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