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Identifying The Color Of Bile Essay

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The article’s hypothesis/objectives states that to be able to identify the color that would represent the bile in newborn’s vomit by a different groups of observers. With this study, it aimed to identify the color of bile in newborns and its association to intestinal obstruction. The study failed to be more specific on its intent to identify bile by its content in the vomit instead of using the color of the bile vomiting in newborns, because when it comes to identifying color, people may be color blind without knowing it that may change the results of the study by not properly identifying the correct color. There was no clear agreement on the color of bile vomiting in the outcome measures, the participants were given the option to respond with the best match of color or other color that may represent the color of bile. Most of the parents and general practitioners do not think that green vomits represents bile, which worries me a lot that it would cause a delay in the timely surgical treatment for the newborns.

Sampling method
The sampling method that was used is appropriate for the study. On this study, the samples that were obtained were just green and yellow vomit to minimize the error on selecting the appropriate color of bile in the vomit. Yellow color was choosing because some of the samples that were brought reveal to have intestinal obstruction and that’s the reason some of the participants thought that yellow is the color of bile in the vomit.

Subjects chosen
For the subjects chosen to be a part of the study, four groups of participants chosen were general practitioners, specialty nurses, midwives and mothers of babies and infants. I agree with the groups of health care professional, since most of them are...

... middle of paper ...

...nderstand the results for the parents, since they don’t usually pay attention to what color the vomit of their babies. Their main concern is that if their babies sick or not, and as a parent myself, if they vomits their sick.

With the study’s discussion, the importance of green vomit, which indicates the presence of bile and a sign of severe illness to newborns, were emphasized, as well as yellow vomit, because they are not to be disregarded. There is a big difference from the bile vomit being yellow to green, yellow vomit with babies is something to be worry about but green vomit, is considered surgical emergency that requires an expedited referral. It is very important to identify the correct color of bile in the vomit of newborns because it may delay the treatment and necessary surgery procedure that may result to serious consequences to the patients.

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