Identifying Issues Of Ethics And Employee Fear / Uncertainty Essay

Identifying Issues Of Ethics And Employee Fear / Uncertainty Essay

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Assignment 2: LASA—Identifying Issues of Ethics and Employee Fear/Uncertainty
As the organizational change consultant identifies, three problems that were addressed, leadership demand that the children be placed in home without taking the time to match foster parent who are trained to manage children with severe behavior disorder, employees believe leaders apply a dictator work environment and Foster Family believe they do not have the freedom to accept the children to match their needs. After the consultant analyze the problem, it established that the most effective organizational behavior hypothesis was the decision theory, the climate and types of cultures encountered was traditional, and the transtheoretical was the motivation theory.
In this assignment, the organizational change consultant is required to discuss factors of diversity and different categories of diversity experienced within the organization. The consultant will identify ethical perspectives and approaches; in addition to giving explanations on offshoring and outsourcing that may lead to employee work environment anxiety. The professional will discuss how diversity, ethics, and offshoring or outsourcing might introduce individual conflict within teams. In addition, the type of conflict will be defined and how team conflict may affect a team’s performance. The expert will provide a systemic component for effective strategies to the aforementioned. The conclusion of this report a recommend is provided to alleviate, fears and uncertainty in the workplace.
Also, as the teams advance diversity and culture may become part of the group. A diverse team will add creativity, innovation, motivation and team productivity. Also, to be a progressive leader, the lead...

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...utsourcing. The consultant mentioned lack of trust and lack of collaboration might lead to individual or team conflict. New leaders and new employee established a diverse group of workers and new ethics was initiated. (Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Teams, 2016) explains, that an American would write a straightforward email describing a bad situation, this would be perceived as impolite by a South Asian (say Japanese) member of the team. This would lead to conflicts, mistrust and difficulties in fruitful collaboration which is so vital for the success of virtual team functioning.
A conflict emerging maybe present is the Holton and Kilmann conflict. This conflict focus on identifying the conflict, identify the solution, and implementing the solution. Holton, (2015) explains that the Holton’s Model for Conflict Resolution is one which can be used with

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