Identifying and Analysing the supply chain structure of Superdrug Essay examples

Identifying and Analysing the supply chain structure of Superdrug Essay examples

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(I) Background Information

Incorporation and Brief history of Superdrug

In this section, the history of Superdrug will be highlighted briefly in three separate periods.

(a) 1961 - 1987

Beginning in 1961, Superdrug was established as a toiletry retailing business by Ronald and Peter Goldstein who both had experiences of several years in the grocery retailing industry. In 1964, Superdrug was embodied as Leading Supermarkets Limited and later in 1966 officially started to use its present name until now. In 1966, the first store was opened in Putney, London. Prior to 1968 when the first distribution warehouse of Superdrug in Wimbledon came into its possession, delivery by suppliers was made directly to stores, i.e. direct store delivery (DSD), which is an alternative distribution model to centralized distribution, had been practiced by suppliers.
The acquisition of Elgee Drugstores which was operating a chain of five stores by Superdrug in 1972 created a rapid growth expansion of the chain up to 40 stores around early 1970s. In 1973, a computerized system for stock control came into use. Over the next decade, the chain expansion reached as many as 143 outlets with the opening of the first store in Wrexham, Wales in 1980 as well as the opening of the current head office complex in Croydon took place. Also with the record sales following on, the continuing success of the Goldstein brothers’ business methods gave rise to the extension of head office and expansion of stores and the increasing profits arising out of own-label brands. Moreover, semi-automated distribution centre was completed ...

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