Identifying A Deceased Person 's Identity Essay

Identifying A Deceased Person 's Identity Essay

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Murder Victims
In our communities there are often times when families not only have to undergo the pain that comes with the passing of a family member, but not being able to identify their loved one as well is another struggle they have to overcome at times. Over the years there have been several of occasions where crime scene investigators have been tasked with identifying a deceased individual, while some people wonder what the point of it is and others arguing that it is important for a family. Regardless of one’s point of view, it is very clear that our crime scene investigators have a number of ways to determine a deceased person’s identity.
During an investigation there are number of important roles, methods, and a few other things that play an important part during an investigation. Some of these are the following: crime scene investigator, forensics, fingerprints, blood, medical history, hand writing, and dental records. People who specialize in these things and are often called upon to assist in some of the things mentioned above are dentist, doctors, and nurses. Each one of these individuals does their part in not only the attempt to find out how things happened, but determine the identity of a deceased individual as well.
It all starts with the crime scene investigator; he or she will be the one to put everything together. A crime scene investigator is the individual who arrives at a crime scene and not only searches and preserves evidence located on the crime scene, but also sends off evidence that may assist in determining the identity of victims and murders to the appropriate personnel. This individual implements several of methods in order to gather the appropriate evidence. Some of the ways that they gather the...

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...ts have been found you may begin to eliminate more suspects by getting the dentist to determine the age of the deceased and may possibly be able to determine if the individual was a smoker by checking his or her teeth, this would then lead to an even smaller number of candidates that fit the description.
In conclusion, people in today’s generation are often being tasked with discovering not only how people pass away and where, but at times are asked to discover who it is that is found deceased. As I have shown you in several examples above, the use of teeth examination along with dental records and bone examination can be used as a way to identify someone. So perhaps future generations will not look back upon us and so much focus on how things were done, but rather take a moment to gather some evidence and use it help identify the victim or murder found at the scene.

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