Identify the Victims of Disaster Essay

Identify the Victims of Disaster Essay

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When a mass disaster happens everything is absolute chaos, everyone in the area is affected. It does not matter if the disaster was caused by nature, or man, the disaster victims must be helped. Between the time of the disaster and until a victim is found, many times there are family member waiting. Waiting to hear if their loved ones survived. Sometimes these families have to wait for a team of experts to identify their loved ones, by bits of their bones, or of their DNA. From the time of the disaster to identification, it is long and challenging but it is a job that must be done, to help the victims and their families find closure. Many experts are often called in Anthropologist, Pathologist, Odontologist, and many others. There are so many procedures that these experts can do to help identify the victims of disasters.

Disaster Victim Identification(DVI) is a very important process that must be done after a disaster has occurred. Whether the cause of the disaster was a natural or unnatural,Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) is crucial part of dealing with the aftermath of a disaster. When remains are found after a disaster they are not in perfect condition; they can be commingled, the bones separated into small fragments,burnt, or destroyed (Blau). Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) is a process in which the remains of the disaster victims are identified and separated. INTERPOL has set up international standards for the DVI teams to follow, they require documentation of the remains in all of the stages of identification. Currently there are 185 countries involved in DVI (Pacific).

Due to the great importance of Disaster Victim Identification(DVI), officials have created a procedure in which to properly collect and...

... middle of paper ...>.
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