Identify A Possible Area Of Focus And Problem For Research Inquiry Essays

Identify A Possible Area Of Focus And Problem For Research Inquiry Essays

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Prompt #2 ? Identify a possible area of focus and problem for research inquiry. Formulate central questions and sub-questions for that area and problem. What types of data collection cited in Creswell would be most beneficial toward answering those questions? Least beneficial? Why?

The challenge in performing such a unique study will most likely be in gathering the various data points. The forms of qualitative data collection are generally grouped into four basic categories, although new forms are emerging over time, such as journals, blogs, e-mail, and video. Creswell (2013) wrote in his text, Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design: Choosing Among Five Traditions, that these four forms are interviews, observations, documents, and audiovisual materials (pg. 163). The challenges with qualitative research can include storing data, protecting sources, considering risks versus rewards, informing subjects of the research requirements, and receiving subject consent for participation within the study. Protocols within the aforementioned research on messaging, channels, and audiences would focus data collection primarily on interviews and documents, but would also include observations and audiovisual materials. Interviews would more than likely start the intake of participants and walk them through self-selection of ethnicity, age, gender, country of origin, current country of residence, education, and other relevant demographic information.
Additionally, a secondary set of questions would help participants self-select their predisposition towards communication channels and messaging. Therefore, interviews would generate data that would more than likely be stored in a database. This information would need to be backed up on a sc...

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...cant plans in place for pilot testing and a chance to refine protocols as required from the results of such tests. Pilot tests are used ?to refine and develop research instruments, assess the degrees of observer bias, frame questions, collect background information and adapt research procedures.? 11 With the ability to perform pilot tests, refinements at the onset will ensure better data over the study?s collection cycle, further improving the quality and validity of the study. Ultimately, collecting interview information and documenting demographic data and responses to questionnaires will have the most impact on the proposed study on combating the formation of Salafist ideology. Although observations and audiovisual materials as part of the data collection process, these would not be necessary to perform this academic inquiry and still generate valid results.

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