Identification Of A Suspect For A Criminal Investigation Essay

Identification Of A Suspect For A Criminal Investigation Essay

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Throughout the year’s photo line up’s of suspects have rightfully convicted many criminals, but have you ever stopped to think that some of the witnesses may misconceive who the perpetrators actually are. I have heard of a few criminal investigations where the wrong person was incarcerated for many years because of the witness’s identification of the “suspects” photo in a line up. When I saw this topic in the FBI’s archived stories I knew I had to read it. I know that the percentage of rightfully convicted criminals are high, but there is still room for error. I knew quite a bit about this topic before I had read the article and this is why I was interested in it.
When an eyewitness is present in a criminal investigation they are asked to identify the suspect. Witnesses are asked the description of the perpetrator then the officers create a lineup off of the description with the most closely looking “suspects”. The identification of a suspect is very detrimental to a criminal investigation. It can be very useful in a criminal investigation if a suspect is identified, and no other sig...

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