Identification Of A Leader Is One Who Takes Charge And Runs The Show Essay example

Identification Of A Leader Is One Who Takes Charge And Runs The Show Essay example

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Identification of Leaders in My Life

I have always thought that a leader is one who takes charge and runs the show. I believed that this person is somehow acknowledged as the boss and is known for making all of the decisions without anybody else’s advice or input. I also believed that this leader had a set of “employees” that he or she would over see, and have a type of dominion over them. After our reading this week, I have determined that I couldn’t be more incorrect.
According to the text, Leading and Managing in Nursing (2015), Yoder-Wise stated that the definition of a leader is, “an individual who works with others to develop a clear vision of the preferred future and to make that vision happen” (page, 35). I am at the understanding now that a leader guides his/her team (or patients) and motivates them rather than dictating to them.
In my personal life, I feel like my husband, Mike, is a leader to me. He has a plan and a vision for our home, children and our daily lives. Because of his leadership, I made it through Nursing School and found a job right away. He was a fabulous cheerleader and motivator for me when I wanted to give up. He has always done the same for our children. He gives them rules of course, but he allows them to make their decisions after he advises and shows them the different possibilities and outcomes. Our lifestyle is budgeted and he always leads us to make wise financial decisions. I do have to admit, when we were first married 22 years ago, I felt of him more as a boss of our life, but as years have passed, I do see it differently. His motivation over the last few years has shown me how to be a leader myself. I want my children to go to college right out of High School. My daughter is now a ...

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...patients look to me for this leadership, to help them get back on their feet and back to their regular lifestyle, if possible. I influence them by vesting in them, encouraging them and earning their trust, while I am caring for them. This makes them a follower. According to Yoder- Wise, leaders and followers interact and have a reciprocal trust from one another. I have learned to be resolved with the idea that I can be a follower myself, because every leader needs a one. As I continue to strive toward a managing “position” on the unit, I know that I am following those that are giving me the “direction, trust and hope” (Yoder-Wise, page 36) that I need.
A leader is a positive influence on a group. They have experience for what they are leading and they are the cheerleaders of those who are the current followers. Both work for the common good of everyone involved.

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