Essay about Identification And Understanding Of Intercultural Market Segments

Essay about Identification And Understanding Of Intercultural Market Segments

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The identification and understanding of intercultural market segments have been the focus of several research studies (e.g. Djursaa and Kragh, 1998;) Grunert, Grunert and Sørensen, 1995; Hofstede, steenkamp & Wedel, 1999; Kahle, Rose and Shoham, 1999; Lindridge and Deakin, 2003), although the specific accents of these studies have differed. Although culture is often considered in the academic literature, there is no unique theoretical or empirical perspective on the definition of cultural factors and the overall impact of the cultural forces in the behavior of the consumer and their implications for strategies of marketing segmentation (Dubois and Duquesne, 1993). Cultural differences often lead to differences in the behavior of consumers within and across national borders. Level geographic, political, economic and cultural macro data that is usually used to identify segments of consumer countries (for example, Helsen, Sandra and DeSarbo, 1993;) Kale, 1995). Given that the globalization of consumer markets and acceptance worldwide of products and brands globalization of the behavior and attitudes of consumers and that, under certain conditions, there is a greater similarity in the values of customers in different countries under different customers in those same countries (Anderson and Hey, 1998), it may be useful to groups of consumers, rather than the countries wish to use as the basis for the identification of segments International (Jain 1989). Therefore, it may make sense to focus on a cross-cultural segment of customers a knowledge oriented to the country from other cultures.
Identification and understanding of intercultural market segments is the focus of the research of the different studies (Lindridge and Deakin 2003; Kah...

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...ternational segments (Jain 1989). Within a segment and in relation to a range of category (for example, fashion, cars, luxury) ― particular product of the culture-independent consumer behavior have no cultures or countries (Dawar and Parker 1994). For example, Exchange and search of information can consider is as behavior of the consumer "universal" and can be observed in all the cultures (Dawar and Parker 1994;) Murdock, 1945). In the cognitive processes underlying it decision making that are not cultural issues, but standardized roads decision making differences, not across cultures (McDonald 1994) - related to the marketing of so-called universal are most useful (Dawar and Parker 1994). This includes a global enfoque-estrategias of intermarket and segmentation of the world 's markets with the identification of homogeneous segments that borders (Jain exceeded 1989).

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