The Ideas Of Using Performance Improvement Were Exploited During Orientation Weekend Through Lean Management

The Ideas Of Using Performance Improvement Were Exploited During Orientation Weekend Through Lean Management

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The ideas of applying performance improvement were exploited during orientation weekend through lean management. Lean management has been thought as process/tool that has been used in mass production like the Toyota production system. At orientation, two games were introduced (i.e. Just In Time/ paper plane stimulation and lean hospital game) to illustrate to us how various concepts of lean thinking have been implemented in industries eliminating any waste. Through these games, many concepts were illustrated that have been associated with mass production. Some of these concepts illustrated include “push vs. pull”, batch size, level loading, work in process (WIP) and bottleneck.
In order to demonstrate the difference between various lean productions systems, my team set up a factory around a table with our main goal to illustrate the importance of reduction in WIP and throughput time using the pull system that will help in illustrating the push, bottleneck and batch size. Our work Centre were assigned in such a way that our bottleneck was place at third workstation. At first we worked in a standard push approach, where each student worked at his or her own pace as long as there were no inventory available. Since the goal is to push and pull, quality was measured by a factory manager. The factory manager’s job was to insure that operators were not rushing improperly to try to balance the line. After realizing that we not meeting the standard. The task was then divided between workers, where each worker had a small component of the total plane built. After giving each worker a small task/ partial part of the total plain built, we realized that it was easy for each worker to memorize a small part of building the plane rather than eac...

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...y severe stomach pain, I was taking into a room and after spending less than 5 minutes with me; he was able to diagnose and gave me tons of prescriptions without taking his time to carefully treat my illness. The norm in healthcare system is to pay doctors more incentive on the number of patients they see each day, forcing doctors to shorten their time spent with each other. With this norm implemented, it is seen how hospitals have generated more revenues making it more of a business sector than to care for their patient. Due to this norm, many patients like me go to the hospital without getting proper treatments from doctors. The idea of seeing more patient give doctors more money has led doctors to eliminate the broader treatment of looking thoroughly for the main cause of their patients’ illness and to look at the narrow treatment using the phrase “time is money”.

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