The Ideas For Managers By Charles Handy Essay

The Ideas For Managers By Charles Handy Essay

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First, let me say that I am falling in love with this book. I think “21 Ideas for Managers” is a remarkable book, not only for managers, but also for anyone who want to understand and improve himherself. This book is easy to read. Charles Handy has great insight to the way people behave, he used many real stories and examples to simplify and apply his ideas, management concepts and models. Each chapter covers one of his 21 points with question that we should answer honestly, gives us new insights about what we are doing in our relationships, work in any organizations, how to be a successful in management. As Charles wrote, “Yet we all need to learn these things because, in one way or another, we all have to get organized if we are going to get anything done, whether it is at home or at work; and getting organized means more than having a datebook and a plan for your week. It means learning how to work with and through other people”. I know exactly what he mean. However, the most important ideas that I personally think as a manager is shown below.
Discover and use people’s intelligence
We usually think the intelligent people are those who always get high grades at school. Handy book points out “everyone is intelligent in some way, if only we could recognize”. It is true, we tend to focus on certain intelligence and neglect other kinds of intelligence.
The successful manager should discover and use team’s intelligence. Manager must understand what their intelligence are and let them do the job they are good at, a good product maybe produced in a short time. If I as a manager randomly divide duties to the team, the final product will failed. Handy book conclude that, before we complained about the employee’s performanc...

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... Empowering employees happened by giving the team more responsibility. Autonomy is another useful motivator. Through empowerment, employees becomes more involved in their work and thereby more satisfied with what they are doing with more responsibilities, which lead to lower absenteeism and better productivity. Besides, when employees feel free to question, challenge and offer new ideas to raise, they can offer more information and choices that will help the manager and company to make better decisions. In the end, the leader must be a positive role model for his team in order to motivate them to do the well-done job.
Finally, when I was reading this book, I was asking myself if I was using those ideas, find out what I missed, open my eyes to the shadow and what will treasure could be hidden on that shadow. This book will stay with me forever as a good friend.

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