Essay on Ideals of the Revolutionary Generation

Essay on Ideals of the Revolutionary Generation

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“The riot of August 26, {1765 inflicted by The Stamp Act} was one small episode in a series of events that launched a half-century of popular protest and political upheaval throughout the Western World” (Foner 175). One that ultimately led to the Independence of the United States and new schools of thought of how government should be created by the people it stands to protect. This was an incredible breakthrough that continues to lead to prominent discussions and debates nearly 400 years later. The Age of the Revolution had begun and “liberty was its rally cry” (Foner 175). John Adams, a Bostonian lawyer whom later signed the Declaration of independence, reflected that The Stamp Act of 1765 “had inspired the people, even to the lowest ranks, to become more attentive to their liberties, more inquisitive about them, and more determined to defend them, than they were ever before known” (Foner 181).
The “liberties” or rights as we know them today, established by our forefathers in the fight for freedom and independence from Great Britain, laid the foundation for the America we know, the “Land of the Free”. My question is, after all we have fought for as Americans and the many lives that were sacrificed to protect these liberties and freedoms that we so selfishly believed we deserved, have we become too lackadaisical and too self-absorbed to continue to monitor and protect these rights? The German settlers coming to America in 1775, at first viewed “the famous English Liberty as a byword for selfish individualism” (Foner 190). Liberty, defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is the “state and condition of people who can act and speak freely”. However, if at first the Germans were suspicious, after coming to America and experienc...

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