Idealolgy Guides Political Correctness Essay

Idealolgy Guides Political Correctness Essay

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Ideology is a part of human history. All people have their ideology, their standards, and their believes. In the history, every country had a political system under which any kind of ideology grew up and influenced human history and human mind. The differentiation between male and female and humans rights consisted reasons for many challenges and in every period in human history there were a lot of changes of way of thinking. People used philosophy, education and sometimes religions to protect human rights and dignity. In this report we will try to present what is political correctness and we will show some examples of this.
A Sort Overview of Political Correctness
Through the human history, people with different origin, religion, language, gender, economic back ground age, sexual interest, eating habits and political thinking etc. face a lot of critic because of their differentiation. This racist phenomenon takes place daily in human history for centuries. The first step of humanity to change this antisocial behavior took place in the ancient Greek philosophy. Aristotle, Plato, Socrates are some of the most important philosophers who, gave to humanity a different way of thinking through their speech. Another important landmark date was the age of the first Christian community and many centuries later the Feminism, which consist the most important motivation in modern history.
After many court battles between men and women, the society acknowledged women rights. As a result women have the same rights as men and the same opportunities for studies and carrier. It is also important to highlight the role of America and Marxist theory about what is PC. America as a multinational capital is in trouble because of bul...

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...te notorious stereotypes. The appropriate use of language under any circumstances brings the desirable result. Therefore it is necessary to do strictly correct use of language to avoid falsification and manipulation of rights.

Language reform is one of the many fronts of social change and hope; excesses will not derail good intentions. In addition, PC modified in language has been very positive and humanitarian motives. In conclusion, there are both advantages and disadvantages in language PC movement and there is a need for a more balanced approximation to reforming the language. So far the language reform increased sensitivity and understanding. So very few people feel completely favorable about the language reform PC and believe it could change society. Finally, point out that changing the language is not help the eradication of racism, sexism, etc.

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