Essay about The Ideal Image Of A Woman

Essay about The Ideal Image Of A Woman

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The advertisements people watch today showcase women as being sex symbols in order to sell the products being advertised. When other women are exposed to this they contemplate they have to have the same assets as the women in the advertisement. Some people consider beautiful females in ads as being beneficial to other females by giving them more confidence instead of taking it away. Ads attempt to obtain more buyers by degrading other women into thinking if they buy this product they can look like the females on television. The ideal image of a woman was a rounder figure compared to the slim body people want women to have today. The female portion of ad viewers are becoming less confident in their body image or lifestyle. Because of popular culture’s unrealistic and unhealthy portrayal of the female physique, many women find themselves pulled into doing dangerous alterations to becoming what society sees as the ideal woman.
Women today are prone into looking like the models on television, they lose focus on loving themselves for who they are. Advertisements display what they see as an ideal woman with perfect skin, luscious hair, and a slim figure. Everyone does not look like this, but women will start to want the same appearance as models after seeing them daily on commercials. According to Perez, “…by time the average girl is 12 years old, she will have been exposed to more than 77,000 advertisements” (3). Young girls are more probable to want to change their body image since they think that is what you need to do in order to fit into society. As a result of exposure to ads at a young age, anorexia is more common among girls between ages twelve and twenty-five years old. People reason this is the only option they have of poss...

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...the risk of health issues regarding depression and other physical problems. Although models are slim and beautiful, they are even Photoshopped and airbrushed to get rid of any blemishes or unwanted curves to have a perfect imagery. Women tend to be displayed in provocative ways by the way they are posing or what they are wearing. A majority of the time the ad has little to do with the product being sold. Vulgar advertisements have a helping hand in making women feel less confidence about themselves, because they feel they have to look like the women in the commercials. There are multiple studies that show women’s opinions towards what they think of women in advertising. The world today have in mind what they believe to be an ideal women; this causes people to feel they have to try to look like the women on television or think they can never achieve that body image.

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