Essay on The Ideal Education System Education

Essay on The Ideal Education System Education

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The Ideal Education System
Since the beginning of human civilization, the education system has been constantly advancing and intensifying. Although some of these advances have been beneficial to the progression of students’ learning, some of these changes have taken away from the true essence of school. The books Utopia, by Sir Thomas More, and The Sleeper Awakes, by H.G. Wells, illustrate abstract societies and the different systems within it. Both of the education systems in these societies were not perfect in any way. The ideal education system should give its students a well-rounded education, have no grading system, the students should not participate in standardized testing, and the schools should have teachers who care about the success of their students.
The ideal education system should strive to give its students a well-rounded schooling, instead of one-dimensional teaching that will only benefit the student in their day-to-day job. After finishing school, students should have an extensive knowledge of all intellectual matters, not just knowledge on how to complete a job in the workforce. In The Sleeper Awakes, the education system is used primarily to control the youth for the government’s benefit. The adolescents are only prepared for working and have no sense of higher-level thinking. The education system in the book Utopia surpasses the one in The Sleeper Awakes but is not ideal. In this system, “The education of youth belongs to the priest, yet they do not take so much care of instructing them in letters, as in forming their minds and manners aright…” (More 98). The priests do not teach them religion. Instead, they teach them logic and reasoning so the youth will be able to contribute to society in more ways tha...

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... Steinhardt, “positive teacher-student relationships enable students to feel safe and secure in their learning environments and provide scaffolding for important social and academic skills” (Gallagher). Having teachers that care about their students’ achievements is the most significant part of the perfect education system.
If schools conform to these principals, then, students would find school more enjoyable and will obtain higher learning. The ideal education system should give its students a well-rounded education, have no grading system, should not have their students participate in standardized testing, and obtain teachers who care about the success of their students. Good education for the youth is so important, for it ultimately decides the outcome of a society’s success. The youth are our future, so they should be given the finest education system possible.

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