The Ideal Consuming Man’s Reality Essays

The Ideal Consuming Man’s Reality Essays

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One of man’s most challenging obstacles to overcome is that of the real versus the ideal (Melani 1). There is almost always a tendency to fantasize about the inaccessible, leaving man in a place more empty and isolated than ever before. Perhaps it is what happened in one’s past that forces one into a state of oblivion, depression, and helplessness, and unfortunately the consequences almost always solely affect the one trying to escape. The world we live in is a powerful, destructive place if we allow our fears and depression to overtake us. The fairytale world we wish to live in is just simply too far for our grasps, and, if not careful, we end up alone and in desperation. Our imagination has always been encouraged and favored, but it too is powerful. And if not used properly, we can transport ourselves into a world far better than anything earth could provide for us. Now this is all delightful and fulfilling, until it is time for our departure back to reality, where our ideal world completely demolishes any hope of what we wish to be a “normal” life. John Keats’ La Belle Dame Sans Merci, or the beautiful woman without mercy (Cummings), is a typical romantic poem perfectly depicting this ongoing struggle with the ideal. His use of dark diction, detailed imagery, and the contrast in the dialogue he produces between the two speakers all add to the overall meaning, that although our dreams may bring us delight and joy, when it’s time to wake up, you never know how empty your world may become.
John Keats was no exception when it came to having a tough life, filled with heartbreak and the loss of loved ones. He, like many other great poets of the Romantic period, had only a brief stay on earth, dying at the young age of twenty-five (...

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...tion of the woman. Keats continues into stanzas ten through twelve with dark, cold diction. The knight’s dream has turned into somewhat of a nightmare and the choice to use the words “kings”, “princes” and “warriors” gives extra emphasis to the knight’s realization of the power the woman possess. And yet, when he awakens, instead of fleeing the baron hill-side, he remains (Melani 1).

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