The Idea Of Meal Supplements Essay

The Idea Of Meal Supplements Essay

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The idea of meal supplements are not new. People have been supplementing their regular diets with fiber or protein for decades now. However, meal replacements are new. The idea of completely replacing your daily caloric and nutritional intake with powders and rudimentary liquids (like water and oil) does not sit well with many people. For many, it is unnatural. We, as animals, evolved eating meat and vegetables but there are some companies that have turned to science, technology and logic to fuel the body. Instead of taking in nutrients, like amino acids from proteins or lipids from fat, from the everyday foods we eat, the idea of directly supplying those to the body has evolved. This changes the once social aspect of fueling our bodies into a purely scientific one. By moving towards this new way of eating, many conflicts and issues can be reduced or even eliminated. We can move towards a more efficient society by simply breaking tradition.

Meal replacements, such as Soylent, give the ability of allowing the consumer to take in just the essential nutrients to function. The appeal of meal replacements on an individual level is mostly convenience. Products like Soylent remove the dilemma of choosing what to eat and how to best fuel our bodies for what we do. With Soylent, there is no longer a struggle between choosing between a healthy or unhealthy option. Hunger can be simply conquered by drinking this cocktail of nutrients. Besides saving time avoiding choices (and preparing meals), drinkable meal replacements save time when it comes to actually consuming the calories. There is no waste especially since meal replacements allow for customization of specific nutrients. This allows tailoring to each individual. When it comes to g...

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...ep them healthy and well-fed. The only things necessary would be a cup, the powder, the water and oil, things that are quick to pack. The replacements can be mixed before hand too. It is just as convenient as carrying a water bottle. Looking beyond just the benefits individuals would gain as they switch to soylent, the global benefits would be enormous. Reducing a substantial amount of greenhouse-gases, lessening the strain placed on the agriculture industry, and potentially being able to feed the world would be just some of the outcomes of switching to powdered meal replacements. While we may not know what the long term consequences of moving towards this kind of diet, it can be a possible solution that must be pursued and tested whether it be for personal conveniences or to help lessen the strain that we are putting on to the world through unsustainable practices.

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