The Idea Of Growth Versus A Fixed Mindset Before After The First Class Essay

The Idea Of Growth Versus A Fixed Mindset Before After The First Class Essay

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I first introduced the idea of growth versus a fixed mindset shortly after the first class in October. This is when I asked the students to read the article which we read our first day in class. I wasn’t sure how students were going to respond because when I showed the article to another teacher she told me it was going to be too hard for them to understand. I decided to let them read it anyway. I was pleasantly surprised that when they began to read the article they became engrossed. Some even asked if they could keep it. When they finished reading we had an amazing conversation about what is a fixed and growth mindset. Students who do not participate regularly were able to contribute to this discussion. This activity made me realize that many of them had a good understanding of what a growth and fixed mindset were.
From the day we read the article the language I use in the classroom has evolved. Instead of telling students they are doing a great job, which is what I did prior, I focus my attention on exactly what they were doing that is great. I offer specific feedback by pointing out what effort they are putting into the activity is creating the results they are looking for. I focus on positives that I notice with the whole class such as the increase in students doing their homework as well as the increase in classroom participation. Students are asking more questions when they need clarification. The negative of “I can’t do this” has been replaced with “let me try and see what happens”. I remind them that the effort we put into the exercise will produced the results we are hoping to achieve.
One student comes to mind that I have seen a significant change in his attitude towards school. He had not been passing ...

... middle of paper ... to understand their mathematical thinking. Whether the problem is right or wrong I am looking to see if they can justify why they came up with the answer. I listen as they explain the steps and then question if I see they have misconception. Often, when they are wrong, lots of times they will catch the error as they explain.
When I first started asking partners to explain they would question themselves thinking I was asking because they were wrong. When dealing with student errors my goal is to facilitate dialog between the partners in order for them to see where the error has occurred. I have found students are get excited when they find errors on their own rather than me pointing them out.
In closing, I have started to change the way I interact with my students. I hope with these changes I continue to challenge my students and foster a growth mindset.

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