Essay on The Idea Of Film As Text By Analyzing The Trailer For The Film

Essay on The Idea Of Film As Text By Analyzing The Trailer For The Film

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The idea of ‘film as text’ is a metaphor drawn from the idea that it is similar to reading a book. It proposes that in many ways viewing a film is like reading, and that we might take some things we know about one and apply them to the other. “Film is like a language, with rules like grammar for communicating meaning. In this comparison, shots are like words and editing very much similar like the rules of grammar.” (Villarejo, 2013). Each of these components is significant as they are put together in order to compose a visual text that creates meaning amongst viewers. And while film is a media text that communicates meaning, there are different kinds that are categorized by the concept of Genre. These genres are groups of texts that are similar based on their characteristics and story line. In this paper I will focus on the romance genre, by analyzing the trailer for the film, “A Walk to Remember.” I will also examine and break down its composite elements, such as mis en scene, cinematography and sound and how it shares commonality with “The Notebook” and “Dear John.”
Firstly, the romance film, A Walk to Remember, Directed by Adam Shankman, is about a popular yet troublesome high school jock, Landon Carter, that gets into trouble for pulling a prank on a fellow student and is threatened with expulsion. In order for him to stay in school his punishment is for him to engage and participate in after school activities, where he is forced to interact with a quiet, bookish girl named, Jamie Sullivan. Although both are very different in social stature, he later begins to fall in love with her unexpectedly. By looking at the trailer of the film, we can analyze it in three aspects: mis en scene, cinematography and editing. In terms of m...

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...c script but is very subjective in terms of experiences and individual understanding. As we can see these three movies follow a story line that demonstrates the concept of love and fosters meanings that are often idealistic to its audience.
To conclude, the textual analysis of a film allows one to see how certain components of a text play significant roles in developing meaning. Lighting, music and shooting techniques put together can emphasize a story, and are often done in ways to compliment a particular genre. In the Romance genre, we can see that films are very similar in terms of story line, character development and its overall theme. Looking at A Walk to Remember, and correlating it with Dear John and also the Notebook, it show the commonalities of the three texts, and how the romance genre often pushes ideologies that structure the audience’s interpretation.

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