Ice Cream As A Multi Billion Dollar Business Essay

Ice Cream As A Multi Billion Dollar Business Essay

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Breyers Vanilla Ice Cream
As summer is fast approaching, the sounds of the ice cream truck can be heard all over the neighborhood. Recently these ice cream trucks have been replaced by frozen yogurt trucks, a healthier alternative to ice cream. Ice cream is filled with calories and fat grams, however even though people are calorie conscious, the ice-cream industry is a multi billion dollar business. In 2014, Breyers ice cream came into the top five highest earning ice cream companies in America. With over 300 million dollars in profit, Breyers ice cream is very popular. Statistically, chocolate and vanilla are the most popular ice cream flavors, I have decided to research vanilla ice cream, because that is my personal preference.
Ice cream is a very high calorie food, as a snack it can take up a huge amount of daily calorie intake. The nutrition information states that a serving size of ice cream is half of a cup, that half a cup equals 140 calories. In that 140 calories is 22% of daily saturated fat and 11% of total fat. Reading this nutrition label does not sound so bad, yet the average person does not stop at half a cup. When a whole cup is eaten, the fat grams instantly double, so even though the calories are not too bad, from all the fat present in the food, weight gain would be inevitable.
The world of ice cream has changed, what was previously a dessert for special occasions, has become a regular at the supper table. Children crave sugar, and then they turn into adults they crave sugar and anything sweet. According to an article written last year, one woman got so tired of her child’s addiction to sugar, she decided to stop it once and for all. She gave the little boy sweets all day, cupcakes, ic...

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...her various toppings accompany ice cream. Especially in vanilla ice cream, people are more likely to add some extra flavor, which consequentially adds more calories to the treat.
According to a survey done on American adults in 2012, vanilla and chocolate were the most eaten flavors of ice cream, with strawberry in third. Also according to the survey, most people prefer to eat their ice cream in a cone. A question on the survey asked how many times in a two-week period ice cream was eaten; the results are that more than fifty percent of the subjects eat ice cream twice in a two-week period. The survey also questioned the portion size of the ice cream eaters. The average person included in the survey consumed three scoops of ice cream at each time.
There seems to be a great craving for ice cream all over the world, scientists now believe that this

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