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* The Ibo people have a civilized community because they have an organized structure to their society with rules and laws. A society that employs morals, ethics, and accountability for peoples’ actions cannot be considered savage. The Ibo are highly religious; the base of most of their daily life revolves around religion, whether it is how they raise their families or how they grow crops, such as yams.
* In a savage setting, the parents would usually not bother to educate their children or abandon them at a very early age to fend for themselves. In the Ibo culture, the children learn socially complex skills, morals and discipline, which shows evidence of a civilized society.
* They have complicated rituals involving masks representing ancestors and deities. They use music for communication.
* Complex art related to religion more than self expression. They have reasons behind sacrifices, killing and violence is always backed by religion.

Historian/Journalist Prewriting

* The country of Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups and speak over 200 languages- a non-civilized culture would be much less diverse
Nigeria has a population of approx. 149,229,090 people (and is the most populous country in Africa)- an uncivilized culture would be unable to contain so many people
Slowly becoming more democratic
Have 2 major worldwide religions (Christianity and Islam) which account for 90% of the population- not native, unusual religions
Weddings involve specific dress and steps each side of the family follows (such as the dowry paying).
Achebe shows how Nigeria is civilized through his portrayal of the Nigerian wedding styles.

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Society becomes civilized when it becomes cultured. Whether it is the Ibo tribes of Nigeria, or Nigeria itself, both civilizations show signs of being cultured. They both follow set protocols for their social events, as well as specific steps for gaining in political and economic prowess. Religion plays a large part in showing a culture's civilization, and by following a majority in religion both cultures show how they've become civilized. Achebe shows how the Ibo are civilized by relating in detail their social systems and by noting all the details they need to follow for it to be considered acceptable. A cultures' members show responsibility for the community's actions, and therefore they must take responsibility for each other. Civilized cultures band together and make sure each person is accounted for, as well as pulling their own weight.

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